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Optimizing Your Exploration

In the media hungry world we live in every man and his dog wants a slice of the digital pie. An army of influencers exists within the recesses of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Google and Snapchat, many of whom are totally irrelevant for your brand.

Naturally, we removed the laborious, time expensive searches and replaced them with a beautifully simplistic platform that facilitates the personalized search from over 1,200 cherry-picked influencers across the Gulf Region.

Our refined searches provide illuminating information on the most relevant influencers; Visual Profiles, Name, Category, Nationality and Number of Followers. You’re the judge, choose up to five influencers for further comparison analysis to ensure the right choice is made for your campaign.

Refined Filtration

With our personalized search platform, you are in the driver’s seat. Multiple search options including Name, Gender, Age, Number of Followers, Cost per Post and Cost per Thousand Followers allow an unrivalled ease of navigation.

Find out what influencers have to offer in terms of tone, personality and audience leverage. Variety is the spice of life, which is why we have introduced unique alternative search categories such as Campaign Market, Nationality of Influencers, Numbers of Followers, Engagement Rates, Cost per Post and CPF to see what you like best.

See how easy it is to search
for influencers

Crème de la Crème

Choose your search criteria, sit back and compare the regions juiciest influencers’ side-by-side using our Influencer Marketing Platform. Our interactive platform allows you to analyze the data of up to five Influencers to see who’s got the goods. If they have what it takes you can add them to your campaign. If not, they get the guillotine. It’s as simple as that.

Comparing The Data

We’re not trying to toot our own trumpet here, but this is pretty innovative stuff. Our comparison page that allows the adjacent evaluation of Influencers on issues such as Nationality and Number of Followers is an exclusive technology that only possess. So we’re feeling pretty hot right now.

  • Gender of followers
  • Geographic location of followers
  • Image engagement rate (Likes)
  • Video Engagement rate (Views and likes)
  • Comments engagement rates (comments and tagging)
  • Historic followers trend
  • Industry average rates
  • Cost per Post
  • Cost per thousand Followers (CPF)

See how easy it is to compare
up to 5 influencers

The Brief

The penultimate stage…this is the part where you decide how you want your brand to reach the followers. Whether you want an Influencer to share already existing content or to craft something totally new, our template allows you to provide all the essential details about your company and the specific objectives of your campaign. Remember, you’re in the power seat. Upload your videos, images and documents now!

You’re almost there

When your chosen Influencer(s) have agreed to execute your campaign, you will be requested to make a payment via credit card or wire transfer. After the payment has been confirmed, an intimate conversation between you and the influencer will commence. If any of your campaign specifics change, let them know! You partnership will continue until the very end of your campaign.